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Pharma-Regist Ltd.

Clinical Trials
Medical Devices

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Regulatory Services

We are offering a wide range of regulatory services for pharmaceuticals, medical devices, veterinary products, food additives, nutritional supplements, and cosmetics.


Clinical Trials

In clinical trials, we provide regulatory affairs, site selection, clinical and medical monitoring, and project management services for Phase I-IV Global Trials in Hungary. In local trials, we can cover the whole trial process in cooperation with our partners.



Focusing on patient safety, we offer pharmacovigilance and consultancy services for both pre-and post-development.

Patient Safety

In the future, we would like to focus even more on the medical device industry and biological therapies, especially in consideration of patient safety.

Medical Devices

We provide full service to support you through all the phases of medical device development in the changing legislative environment.  The cooperation of two experienced companies - Pharma-Regist and DRC LLC - with a stable presence for more than 20 years on the Hungarian market, guarantees a quality service from establishing and implementing a quality management system, through device consultancy and completion of clinical trials, to post-market vigilance.

Medical Monitoring

With our team of experienced clinicians with deep knowledge of clinical trials, we offer our medical monitoring services for local and international sponsors and CROs

Medical Writing

Science background writers with great expertise in clinical trials, regulatory and pharmacovigilance

Consultancy, Education, and HR

Our relevant experience, decades-long background in the market, and minimal employment fluctuation is the key to the quality we provide in our services


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Highly educated, experienced and dedicated professionals with good communication skills are our core competence to ensure client satisfaction and provide high-quality service and support to the pharmaceutical, food supplement, cosmetics, and medical device industry.


Local or international, family, or multinational businesses; we are proud of the partnerships we built over the last three decades.


We have been working with many international companies, however, we look forward to receiving an inquiry from all possible partners; investigators, future manufacturers, etc. to assist them in reaching their goals.


We believe that professional work can be delivered only with good knowledge, experience, dedication, and continuous training. Good communication is extremely important for us to be able to provide our partners with the support they really need.  


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We are here to serve you. Contact us by phone, e-mail or via our website.

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